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Serpent/ Kundalini Energy

Serpent energy can be found in most traditional and ancient cultures. Modern Christianity has spoken of the serpent as evil, poisonous, and alluring.

Actually, the Serpent is a strong wise energy that lies within everyone. Some call this coiled snake at the base of the spine, Kundalini. Two serpents intertwining along the spine is a symbol that can be found many places. One being the western medical symbol.

Serpents symbolize wisdom, strength, stealth, hidden knowledge, and power.

The snake can also be venomous and if not ready or careful one might awaken the sleeping snake too soon and will be bitten by its power. The way to tame the Serpent energy is by having a mindful practice. Breath work, yoga and mantras can help align your energy centers (chakras). Balance and inner tranquility allows for proper expansion of ones self expression.


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