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The Mysterium

This 8- 16 week course helps healers, artists, and visionary creators navigate their underworld and integrate their shadows to express their most authentic selves.

Welcome home to yourself. 

If you're tired of going throughout your life knowing you have deeper visions to be explored and are ready to take a leap out of the Shadows. 

It's time to Understand how to navigate your underworld through complete mind-body-spirit practices. By implementing proven tools to discover your strength in the darkness. 


Master integrating the past while recreating the TRUE Creative Self NOW.

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"This course is amazing. I appreciate the safe and loving space. I appreciate the organization., it’s clear and easy to follow . I love and admire how you have brought your tools together in such a creative way. It all flows so powerfully and yet so very graceful. You are a fierce & magical educator!"

~Thelma O. Kundalini Yoga Teacher

This is for you, if you...

  • Crave Authentic Expression: Feel the burning desire to unleash your true self and express your uniqueness without constraints.

  • Yearn for Personal Liberation: Seek a profound journey to break free from self-limiting beliefs and tap into your untapped potential.

  • Embrace the Uncharted: Are ready to navigate the unexplored territories of your mind, diving fearlessly into the shadows for self-discovery.

  • Thirst for Knowledge: Have an insatiable curiosity to understand the intricacies of self-discovery, psychology, and personal growth.

  • Seek Inner Strength: Want to transform vulnerabilities into strengths, finding inspiration and power in the depths of your own mystery?

  • Desire Healing and Transformation: Yearn to heal past wounds, release preconceptions, and fully embrace your authentic self, unburdened by societal norms.

When we heal in community, we heal the world and future generations.


-Meet Your Guide- 

I am an Afro-Indigenous spiritual educator, advisor, oracle, and artist passionate about helping others through self-discovery and transformation.


I’m passionate about retaining the authenticity and depth of Vedic and Indigenous sciences through different educational methods.

Through my experience in the shadows from personal lived trauma and study, I've put all the wisdom I gained into this Mysterium Method. Through the course and mentorship, I aim for you to embody your higher self and live a fulfilling life regardless of your external situations. 

Deanna Araceli aka Daya Dhara dd 

"I have truly enjoyed this whole experience and look forward to next endeavors. I feel stronger and like I know myself more than I did before. I have things to work on but have some more tools in my tool box now to help."

Erin M.

Of course, each person's journey in the Mysterium is not the same, and for me it actually ended up being less about integration and more about finding a balance between my work life and the spiritual life that I want to embody. Now, I truly understand that finding balance will take time but the steps and the advice that Deanna has given me will definitely guide me in the right direction.

Remetria H. 

The Journey towards wholeness...

Image by Ivana Cajina

Navigate Your Underworld

Embark on a journey inspired by Carl Jung's psychology, traditional therapy, and indigenous perspectives. Explore the complete self within, intertwining mind, body, and spirit. Delve into mythologies, ancient sciences, and spiritual aspects to fuel your creative process. Your underworld holds the key to understanding and unlocking your authentic potential.

Explore Your Mystery

Fearlessly access your subconscious mind through guided meditation, visualization, and engaging exercises. Connect with your spirit team, including unseen guides, ancestors, and guardians. Transform darkness into a source of inspiration, discovering strength in the shadows. You'll navigate the mystery within with ease, paving the way for creativity to flow effortlessly.

Integrate into the Light

Heal your past, unravel preconceptions and postconceptions, reflect on childhood, and embrace the rebellious teenage self. Recreate your true self in alignment with your soul and creative essence. Say goodbye to societal standards and express your authenticity with ease and grace, irrespective of external circumstances.

-What's Included-

8 Modules

Beginning with the basics of Soul Retrieval and shadow work Theory, Trauma stored within the body, working with animal medicine, and exploring the different stages of development and ways to become your most authentic self now.

Guided Workbook

40+ Page workbook to use alongside the course. Journal prompts and questions to discover one's goals and track your journey.

Group Sessions

Weekly Shamanic Journeys and Q&A Integration sessions. Using sound and mantras to explore the subconscious mind. Integration techniques of the body, mind, and spirit.

1:1 Sessions

Coaching and check-ins throughout the course. Supportive advice and guidance for your specific needs. Divination services included.

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