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Are you looking for a deeper understanding into personal circumstances?  

Are you having difficulty deciding what to do next in a job or career situation?

Would you like more insight in a love connection?

Or are you seeking general energetic readings for where you are headed?

My Readings are Recorded on Youtube and a link will be sent to you 3-5 business days after booking! You may rewatch the video at any time. Emergency next day readings (add an additional $15)

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1 Question reading

Intended to give you a quick look into your current situation.


1 Question (theme)

10 minute Voice Recording & photo of spread



(Please add question, Full name and Birthday to the note)

2 Questions Reading

Deeper look into your situation 

1-2 Questions (themes) 


20 minute video recording


{Please add question(s) or theme of reading

& Full name and Date of Birth to your note}

3 Questions Reading

In depth look at your


1-3 questions/themes


30 minute video recording or phone call. 

Picture of the spread will be emailed to you if it is a phone call. 


{Please add question(s) or theme of reading

& Full name and Date of Birth to your note}

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Spiritual Counseling consist of heart strengthening talks (Platicas) that can dive into Shadow Work, self-discovery/realization and balancing divine feminine masculine/energies.  


I use educational methods, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra, Occult Sciences, Vedic Astrology and other Indigenous practices in my sessions. 


 *Shadow work is the process of accessing the unconscious parts of ourselves by bringing to light triggers, traumas and habits to lead us into a more balanced perspective. 


*Bhakti is the Yoga of the heart and true devotion. It allows us to vibrate at higher frequencies of our unique selves with all of creation. 


*Tantric techniques and meditations help to elevate our consciousness and energetic centers (chakras). As well as consciously stepping into balance between the Divine feminine and masculine polarities within.

Shiva + Shakti through Yogic Study. 



Flow of the session: 


Heart Strengthening talk (platica) to address where you would like the session to go. 


Grounding meditation, breath work and/or guided visualization to get through blockages. 


 Spiritual coaching which will provide practical tools you can use for everyday life challenges. 


Depending on your needs the following can be incorporated:

Divination reading 

Vedic astrology chart reading

Limpia/ Cleansing rites

Yogic Study- Practice 


1 hour phone/zoom spiritual counseling session. 



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