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La Casa de Luz text

"Awaken the Light Within"

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It is no coincidence that you have been led here.

Are you ready to dive deeper inside of yourself? 

Or are you already on the path of self-discovery and you are looking to enhance your intuition and understanding?

LA Casa de Luz was created with the intention of bringing healing and insight to people through many different avenues. Through our Energy Readings, 1:1 sessions and Courses we weave traditional knowledge from Indigenous cultures around the world to help support your journey wherever you are. 


Calling all yogis, tantrics, mystics and/or aspirants! We are here to serve everyone in light and love.

“The search for the illuminating light must begin within one self.”

- Shambhavi L. Chopra

“Questioning our experiences and reality is the first step towards awareness. Diving into who we truly are as spiritual beings is the journey to find the answers.”

~ Deanna Araceli

(Founder of LA Casa de Luz)



(Founder of LA Casa de Luz) 

Deanna is  a California native dedicated to the spiritual education of all people. She has lived in Mexico, Ecuador and has spent extensive time in India. She specializes in Bhakti yoga (Yoga of the heart), Tarot + oracle readings,Vedic astrology. Her aspiration is for others to unlock the key to their own spiritual potential and bring healing on multiple levels.



Exploring the Science behind the galaxy with the knowledge from the Sages of India. Diving deeper into the tools given by the ancients like Jyotish, Ayurveda, Tantra and Yoga. 

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Underground Realms is a safe space for all beings. Uplifting the stories of feminines everywhere, past and present to inspire the future. Bringing in the new paradigm of HERSTORY and honoring the forgotten stories of warriors of peace!

By remembering and spreading the message of Love and Light we lift up the Matriarchy once again!

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Daya Dhara is a true angelic mystic and intuitive psychic. I had been recommended by my sister to get a reading from her I got her love spread reading and was so in awe when she could see my whole situation without ever having met me or knowing anything about me , it was like she knew everything ! She was so spot on and insightful on how I could go about changing things to improve my life and the issues I came to her for guidance with  . She’s an extremely gentle warm soul you can feel it in her voice and in her essence . You will love love love her like I do. I’ve now gotten several readings from her and will continue to seek her guidance and spiritual wisdom! Don’t hesitate . She’s your girl !! Namaste.

~Juliana K.

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