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This blog is dedicated to the forgotten stories of the medicine women, original people, Indigneous characters whose voices need to be heard. As a herstorian, I love to follow rabbit holes to unheard of tribes and practices found in the caves of our Earth. Forgotten languages remembered. Faces found from a time we disconnected from but that still lives and in it’s full capacity. As well as the stories happening right now and the events not painted on mainstream propaganda.

Come explore these mystical

Underground Realms with me.

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This podcast is an extension of my voice and passion for what drives me to continue to learn and discover human behavior especially from ancient civilizations. I love to compare our modern world with thoughts from pre-colonization and beyond. Taking a critical look at historical events across time and comparing them to Ancient teachings from elders in the tribes as well as the Vedas from India. I speak from  my personal experiences as well! Journey along this new realm with me.

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