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Vedic & Indigenous Sciences. Astrology. Astronomy. Tantra. Occult Magic. Mysticism


Who we are: 

Together Reivin Alexandria & Deanna Araceli (Daya Dhara dd) are eclectic artists, writers, yoginis and researchers of occult sciences. 

We are creative partners in our Prophecy Series where we look deeper at Western concepts with Ancient Eastern perspectives.  

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Join us for our next Prophecy...

The Ritual Attraction

Celebrating the Spring Equinox...

A 90 minute Magical Workshop to: 

Decolonize magic and occult sciences. 

Engage in an Energy Makeover by using Mirror Magic. 

Collective Ritual to manifest our ideal desires. 

Free Card pulls for those who join Live! 


$11 -33 Sliding Scale 

Gender Inclusive

3.30 / 6 PST/ 8 CST 

Online Temple 

*Recording available for 2 weeks. 

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Reivin Alexandria

About us 


Reivin Alexandria is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and psychic medium consultant with over 20 years of experience in the divinatory arts and sciences. A Vedantist and occultist, she is the founder of Sublimatorium, a research project that bridges the esoteric and exoteric realms. She creates immersive experiences combining yoga, dreamwork, music, mixed-media installations, and ritual performances. Reivin is a co-founder of BEYØND DAO. Reivin is on the editing team at Liminal Journal, a virtual lit-mag that explores consciousness in an age of transformation, at


Deanna Araceli spiritually initiated as Daya Dhara dd  is an Afro- Indigenous educator, artist, writer and oracle with over 15 years in the educational system. She is the Founder of LA Casa de Luz a home of divination and a developing spiritual school. She engages in public and private ceremonies rooted in her Indigenous lineage. As a lover of the matriarchy and proud femme she curates blogs dedicated to the revival of Herstory at Underground Realms. Deanna continues to experiment with different mediums  as musician D. Dhara. 

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