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Classes and Courses

Shadow Work • Shamanic Journey • Divination Arts Breathwork • Meditation • Astrology


The Mysterium Course...

“Travel to the subconscious part of yourself. Delve into your own mystery.”

-Deanna Araceli 


Navigate the Underworld.
Explore Your Mystery.
Integrate into the Light.

Join us on a transformative 8-week journey.
August 2023


Through 8 weekly intimate group sessions and 2 1:1 sessions of light, delve deep into Navigating, exploring and integrating your shadow self. 

Receive a monthly divination reading to further guide your journey.

A workbook and journal prompts, along with various exercises, will be provided to support your growth and development throughout this journey towards becoming.

Next Group Session: August 2023

The Mysterium
8- Week Break Down: 

1st Half– Awareness through the Underworld 

1st week: Shadow Work theory

2nd week: Working with animals & Guides 

3rd Week: Acknowledging trauma in the body 

4th Week: Breaking Ancestral Cycles - Past lives

2nd Half- Integration into the light 

5th week: Inner Child Healing 

6th week: Healing the Teenage Self 

7th Week: Integrating into the adult self 

8th week: Recreating the True Self NOW


Embodied Activation

All classes are included in the
Embodied Activation Mentorship Program

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