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Classes & Courses 

Shadow Work. Shamanic Journey. Divination Arts. Yoga. Breathwork. Meditation. Astrology.  

Classes & Courses are included
in the
Embodied Activation 
Mentorhip program


Integrating the Shadow Self 

Take a Journey to the underworld with the help of our guides.

 Integrate the shadows that need to come to the light.

A look at the different versions of the Underworld.

Emphasis on Indigenous and Tibetan perspectives.

An introduction to Shadow Work Theory.

A Shamanic Journey to discover your own inner worlds.

{Visualization & Songs}


Each participant will get a mini reading from their guides after the class.

February 16th 2023 6pm PST/ 9pm EST

75 minutes - Zoom

This class is a prelude to The Mysterium Course.