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Death and Philosophy Part I

The age old question, what happens after death?

Every great philosopher, scientist, sage, artist has pondered and have drawn their own conclusions based on sense perception. Rightfully so, as relative truth does exist.

This simulation we call reality is much more than meets the eye. Much more than we can comprehend with our human minds. We must stretch beyond our logic and go beyond what is in our waking life. Dreams are often mistaken for reality when we are in them, the people who visit and the stories we create are real for that moment in time. Some even dare to say perhaps that is reality and waking life is the actual dream.

In my understandings and studies, death is a natural rhythm that occurs within life. They work simultaneously, one giving birth to the other. There are countless studies that have shown children who remember their past lives. Who can remember details of their families, experiences and can even recall their own deaths.

The Pandemic has been tough for so many of us as death seems to be at everyone’s door. We have to face Yama (Lord of Death) head on. We have to understand that our loved ones may not be here physically but always live. Not just within our hearts but as energetic beings who can help guide us and have the power to continue the relationships we have with them.

This life we are living is just one of countless others. To be human is a gift, to have intelligence is a blessing and to understand what is beyond death is the purpose of life.


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