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Working with Protector Deities

There are many ways to work

with deities. Across most Indigenous and Vedic systems of thought, there are personalities that encompass certain aspects of nature and the universe. For example rain gods such as Tlaloc, Indra, Oya, Zeus, Freyr, amongst many others are/were worshiped and called forth to help when there is no rain or when there is too much rain. Offerings of different Earth Elements usually were told to please the “gods”.

One of the types of deities I work with a lot are Fierce Protector deities. They can also be seen as guardians of righteousness or dharma. The first deity to make themselves known to me was Bhairava. Bhairava is a manifestation of Shiva and in his two arm form is pictured with fangs and with black dogs showing guardianship.

There are many different forms like Kala Bhairava, the Lord of Time, that wears a skull crown and is in charge of the liminal space where all exists.

One such form is pictured above Vajra Bhairava, who has a buffalo head. This type of deity is supposed to be intimidating and wrathful. The protector of Dharma as well as he who has conquered fear and slays death itself which gives him the name “Yamantaka” Yama being death. Meditating on these forms can help one to rise above these lower vibrational energies.

My Spiritual Counseling Sessions encompass many different traditions and practices that have been shown to me by my teachers as well as through personal communion with these deities.

Photo courtesy of Lama Thangka Painting School


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