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What is Attunement?


The word Attunement was coined in the 1930's by the Emissaries of the Divine Light. It was the idea of spiritual centering intended for a person to connect to their spiritual source and be open to the healing current of life.

Understanding that our physical body is a Temple of God and when we allow ourselves to connect with this intelligence, we open ourselves to deeper healing and connection.

The idea of Attunement can be understood through the ancient science of the Chakra systems found in the Vedas.

Divine Touch:

While opening ourselves to connect with our ancestors or spirit guides,

Practitioners can clear the energy flow through the divine touch of the endocrine glands, allowing one to be a clear channel to commune with the higher realms. In this case, opening ourselves up to our ancestral relations.

This chart shows the correlation between the Endocrine Glands, the Chakra System, and their functions:

Learn more about Attunement Practices in my upcoming classes or the Mysterium Course.


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