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The Art of Soul Retrieval

Since 2019, I have deeply delved into the cultural practices of my Mesoamerican background. Through sweat lodges, plant medicine ceremonies, and soul retrieval practices, I have grounded myself more deeply into the earth than ever before. 

As a yogini, I found it difficult to integrate both heavenly (crown chakra) energy with the earthly (root chakra) without bypassing my trauma. The missing link was Indigenous practices that connected me to Pachamama. 

Soul Retrieval has personally helped me heal from many traumatic experiences in this life and in past lives. Working with the cardinal directions, animal medicine, powerful Ikaros, and intentional ritual has allowed me to embody all the knowledge I’ve cultivated in my many lives.

So, What is Soul Retrieval?

When doing deep healing, we cannot only focus on the psyche; we must look at all our components. Mind-Body-Spirit. 

Mesoamerican traditions understand that the soul essence, or' Tonalli, ' can lose its pieces during shocking or traumatic events. This is similar to the psychological understanding of the “fragmented self.”

Soul Retrieval is a process found in Curanderismo, where healers practice calling out to lost soul pieces. Traveling in the non-ordinary realms, they reclaim that soul piece by welcoming it back in. The practitioner works to reintegrate these aspects into the person's current self, fostering a sense of wholeness. 

With the proper support and environment, we can welcome home parts of ourselves that may have been lost/neglected along the journey. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why Soul Retrieval is essential to The Mysterium course and Mentorship.

What does a Soul Retrieval Session Look like?

During a soul retrieval session, a practitioner, often a shaman or energy healer, creates a sacred space. The individual seeking healing is guided into a relaxed state through meditation or trance. The practitioner then journeys into the spiritual realms, often using visualization or ritual tools, to locate and retrieve lost soul fragments.

These soul fragments may have been disconnected due to trauma, emotional wounds, or challenging life experiences. The practitioner works to reintegrate these aspects into the person's current self, fostering a sense of wholeness.

The process may involve energy clearing, chakra balancing, and symbolic actions to facilitate the reunion of the fragmented soul.

Elements like drumming, chanting, or using sacred objects to enhance the spiritual journey may be incorporated. The overall goal is to promote healing on a deep, spiritual level and restore a person's sense of balance and well-being.

If you're ready to take another approach to your path of wholeness...

1:1 Soul Retrieval Sessions are NOW available.



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