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1:1 Sessions

Are you searching for deeper guidance and connection? 


Do you need practical ways to find balance? 

Would you like to explore your inner spiritual worlds? 


Spiritual Counseling consist of heart strengthening talks (Platicas) that can dive into Shadow Work, self-discovery/realization and balancing divine feminine masculine/energies.  


I use educational methods, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra, Occult Sciences, Vedic Astrology and other Indigenous practices in my sessions. 

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Flow of the Session

Heart Strengthening talk (platica) to address where you would like the session to go. 


Grounding meditation, breath work and/or guided visualization to get through blockages. 


 Spiritual coaching which will provide practical tools you can use for everyday life challenges. 


Depending on your needs the following can be incorporated:

Divination reading 

Vedic astrology chart reading

Limpia/ Cleansing rites

Yogic Study- Practice 


1 hour phone/zoom spiritual counseling session.