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Deanna is a very gifted, talented, insightful and powerful tarot reader. She is exceptionally gifted and knowledgeable in vedic knowledge and astrology. I found her early this year 2020. She has helped me through some very delicate and pivotal situations in my personal, professional and love life. Her readings are never rushed and very detailed. Deanna has guided me well and is so accurate with her gift! Each time I am at a crossroad or need some insight, I never hesitate to reach out to her. She has a lifelong client in me! I highly highly recommend her! 5 stars!! or should I say rather, 108 stars!! Namaste 🙏 


~Jason L.

Deanna is beyond intuitive. She’s an oracle! I trust Deanna’s knowledge and connection to divination.  I have gone to her for years and am never unclear or disappointed by her readings.  She doesn’t only give you insight into your situation, but helps you understand what’s unfolding and how to deal with things. 

She stays unbiased, yet, you know she wants the best for people. I’ve never heard her talk negatively in her readings. She is very objective and will be honest with you for what is best for you. That’s always her focus. Going to a “reader/healer/guide” can be a very vulnerable experience- Deanna has a way of inspiring you even when it’s regarding scary unavoidable changes.



Meeting Deanna and having myself be put in her hands set a guide for what I needed to hear and feel to be realigned in my divine path. I’ve never been a skeptic as I’m spiritual myself! But I was skeptical of what the outcome could be from having my tarot cards read and applied. Not a single ounce of anxiety that I had originally expected radiated out of the entire experience. This woman has a heavenly gift and a deliverance that feels as right as my own human connection to this earth.


~Kim Slater

 "Deanna is someone insightful and helpful in any guidance, meditations, shadow work, etc.- There’s something unconditionally sound in her understanding of the divine and everyone’s path. You can tell that she does everything with intention of the higher good. She carries the wisdom of a sage, the heart of a healer, and the guidance of a teacher. I’m grateful for all her help and support."


Daya Dhara is a true angelic mystic and intuitive psychic. I had been recommended by my sister to get a reading from her I got her love spread reading and was so in awe when she could see my whole situation without ever having met me or knowing anything about me , it was like she knew everything ! She was so spot on and insightful on how I could go about changing things to improve my life and the issues I came to her for guidance with  . She’s an extremely gentle warm soul you can feel it in her voice and in her essence . You will love love love her like I do. I’ve now gotten several readings from her and will continue to seek her guidance and spiritual wisdom! Don’t hesitate . She’s your girl !! Namaste.

~Juliana K.

What I love most about Deanna's tarot readings is that not only she is tapped into a higher spiritual realm but she is also connected to modern technology. 

In times of social distancing, her readings still have a sense of intimacy, even when being read and recorded from a far. She sends your recording via a private Youtube link, which is nice to access at your convenience.

Deanna also fascinates me with her multiple deck readings, and understanding for each one. Her readings have been accurate and uplifting. In fact, so much so that I have made tarot readings from Deanna my favorite signature birthday gift to give friends and loved ones!


~Sarah Scheideman

Dayadhara is a magical, mystical woman! She is an inspiration for spiritual growth and healing. Her readings are full of psychic moments, clarity, empathy and deep intuition. She speaks so beautifully and articulately, while gently guiding you along your journey. She puts me at ease with her intuitive advice and loving nature. I feel she is one of the rare souls that is truly connected to their higher self and higher purpose” 💫

~Nalina Kaufman

I attended ITSS and I am in deep gratitude for Deanna’s beautiful creation. She held such a safe, loving and profound container. This allowed for a deep, smooth and clear dive into the depths of my subconscious during the workshop and still processing so much after. The mini-reading provided after the workshop solidified my experience in the workshop and was so on point with my current experience. Eternally Grateful.

-Thelma O. 

Working with Deanna is always lovely. The way that the information is delivered truly resonates with me. Nothing feels forced. There’s a level of respect and autonomy that comes with any interaction. I love working with this beautiful being! Thank you!! ✨🙌🏽🙏🏽


-Melissa S. 

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