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What is Jyotish?

The actual word Jyotish means “the science of light”. The study of the planets and their movements based on what you can see. The ancient sages of India would peer into the night sky and calculate the movements of each planet and write it all down for generations to come. Although some people do not give high regard to astrology we have to understand how natural cycles affect our own lives and cycles. Even the tide of the ocean is being affected by the moon, so why not the other planets.

Why is Jyotish important?

We are at a critical point of our society and civilization where we have so much information at our fingertips. More people are starting to take notice on how the planets and their movements are affecting everything around us. It is common now to hear, “oh Mercury is retrograde that’s why this is happening,” etc. Although it is great that people are understanding this as this leads to further self-development and connection to our universe, we are being mislead greatly. The planets are moving in a scientific manner and Jyotish follows this science and correlates with the current astronomy given by NASA. I encourage any one who wants to challenge the Western movements by downloading the Skyview app. Western astrology is not following the movements of the planets but more of a fixed time point from 1,000+ years ago. We are here to decolonize this major hypnosis on people truly seeking to connect with the planets and their own personal universes.


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