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Kali Tattva

Many people think Kali is a destructive force, reeking havoc wherever she steps. But the truth is that Kali, only destroys that which no longer serves us. She cuts the head off of our false ego and pride. She has a garland of skulls symbolizing the materialistic parts of man. In reality, Kali is benevolent. Many pray to her so she can destroy any obstacle that may hinder us on the path of devotion.

Praying to the Dark Goddess for her sight through the shadows to bring us toward the light. The light that supersedes any distraction from the Absolute Truth. Kali is Maha Devi, great Goddess and devotee of Sri Krishna. She can slay away all hate from our hearts and teach us that love is the only true reality. All else is illusion.

As Durga Ma, (Maha Maya, Great illusion) She can show us through this web of illusion (matrix) and find who we really are and remind us that we never die. Reminding us to live, regardless of circumstance. Live with peace in our hearts, knowing that fear of death only hinders us from living in the moment.

Ultimately, Kali eradicates our fears and leads us to our own inner essence that which is connected to all of creation.


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