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10 Ways to take back your health

[Photo of Dhanvantari Dev, Lord of Ayurveda/Medicine and physician to the Demi Gods.

Chant OM DHANVANTARYA NAMAH for some healing energy]

  1. 20 minutes daily Sun bathing. (Morning Sun is best)

  2. Bringing your heart rate up daily (exercise, running in place, squats)

  3. Eating on a regular schedule (routine is very beneficial for our bodily machines)

  4. Avoid processed foods and sugars as much as possible

  5. Drink your weight in oz of water

  6. Massage yourself daily with oils (especially feet)

  7. Making your own “thieves” oil/tincture: Thieves oil is a common name for a blend used by robbers during the Plague that allowed them to stay alive. Essential oil blends are good to diffuse and/or rub on feet (use carrier oils for sensitive skin). Tinctures are great to ingest.

  8. Limit your exposure to stressful information. Turn off the News, Unfollow fear mongering accounts.

  9. Learn mindfulness techniques that you do when you’re overwhelmed. IE. Breathing, meditation, prayer, etc.

  10. Find healthy ways to release energy. Laughing, dancing, grounding techniques, even crying can help release endorphins etc.

By incorporating these 10 ways into your life slowly and consistently, you will be able to go through life with more ease and grace. Without health, we cannot enjoy anything else.


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