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Embodied Activation

A Mentorship uniquely tailored to you.

A 6-month Journey to help Evolve, Embody, & Expand your gifts.

Deepen Spiritual Practice. Develop Intuitive Gifts. Manifest dreams. 

As the world changes quickly, it is crucial to find balance between our spiritual and material worlds. It is time for us to be more conscious of our innerstanding. Through study and discipline you can unlock your magical potential.  


Self-realization is a science and as a practice you will be guided in ways to strengthen your skills.

With my 17 years in the education field, my years in intensive ashram training and personal lived experiences, It will be an honor to help you in your journey and share the wisdom I have gained. 

This program is right for you if you are ready to… 

  • Break free from limiting beliefs

  • Become the divine being you are

  • Tune into your manifestation abilities

  • Unlock your magical potential

  • Connect deeper with your spiritual worlds

  • Open your heart to a deeper love for yourself and your loved ones. 


We are all unique individuals and have different interests. I plan to help you stand stronger on your spiritual foundation to achieve your highest goals. 

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What you can learn: 

  • How to develop  your intuitive gifts.

  • Tools to help embody your higher self.

  • Yoga philosophy & practice

  • How to study your own sidereal natal chart.

  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques

  • Mantra Chanting

  • Ways to work your magic.

  • Breathwork

  • Divination Tools​​ & More...

“Questioning our experiences and reality
is the first step towards awareness. Diving into who we truly are as spiritual beings is the
journey to find the answers.”

~ Deanna Araceli

Founder of LA Casa de Luz


Program Overview: 

This program will provide a safe space for you to heal and integrate deeper parts of yourself to enable you to tap more into your intuitive gifts. 


You will be provided with the support to explore your self and expand your vision of life. 


Using educational methods, healing practices, divination tools, astrology and more, we can release the weight, so you may live happier and lighter. To embody your role and service on this planet. 

-What's included-

Each 6th month program is uniquely tailored to your individual needs and interests.


Weekly 1:1 Sessions

Includes Heart Strengthening conversations with focus on different topics throughout the journey. Depending on your interests, topics can range from:

  • Shadow Work integration

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Tantric Breathwork

  • Jyotish-Vedic Astrology

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Divination Tools

  • Yoga Philosophy & Practice

  • Tantric Breathwork

  • Occult Magic

  • Life Coaching


Two Divination Readings a month

You'll receive two 30 minute Video recording to help guide you through your situations.

1-3 Questions regarding any topic or theme.



  • Weekly Journal Prompts

  • Weekly Exercises

  • Daily access to me through What's app or Telegram.

  • Access to online classes & The Mysterium during 6 month period

- A $1,200 Value -

Join Embodied Activation

Ready to take control of your life and unleash your inner potential? Then join Embodied Activation, the personalized mentorship program designed to help you become the best version of yourself. You'll gain a deeper understanding of your gifts and learn how to use them to embody your higher self. You'll also learn the art of divination, adding a powerful tool to your spiritual practice. So why wait? Sign up now and take the first step toward a lifetime of personal growth and fulfillment

$3,300 USD

*Payment plan available
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