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I AM that I AM

Greetings! My name is Deanna Araceli a.k.a. Daya Dhara dd. I was raised in Southern California. As a small child, I took my relationship with Source very seriously. During my youth, my father exposed me to many different mythologies even though I was raised by my (open-minded) Christian mother . During my late teenage years, I decided to focus on my spirituality as mainstream living brought on many heart aches and confusion. By the time I was 20, I was pursuing a Liberal Arts degree with a minor in Christian Studies (comparative religion) which led to many discoveries and breakthroughs.


My first encounter with oracles and mediumship was with the Tao I-Ching. At a young age, my father showed me how to throw coins to consult the I-Ching and at one point let me study his Egyptian Tarot. By 22, I delved into Eastern thought, particularly Hinduism and Bhakti Yoga. Which in turn led me to India right after I graduated College in 2013.

For the last 10 years, I have studied the Vedas and have gone to India 5 times (ranging from 6 months to 6 weeks) to visit my gurus and to travel and learn at holy pilgrimage sites. I’ve been teaching for over 12 years which includes a few years in Ecuador and Mexico. This allowed me to explore all sides of my creativity and abilities in my root cultures as well as pick up Spanish again (which was my first language!). 


In 2018, I embarked on healing myself completely from the illnesses from travels and living in third world countries. As well as emotional traumas from this life and the past ones. This brought me back to taking solace in the Tarot and other Oracle/Occult modalities. I also study Indigenous cultures, specifically my roots in the Mexica and Native American Traditions with mentors I hold closely to my heart.  All of this, plus my 12 years in the educational system inspired me to create this platform to help serve the community with the wisdom I have been shown by my Spiritual teachers and with the tools that come naturally to me. 


I look forward to growing this community and expanding into different ways to serve. 


Thanks for being here for the ride! 

Sending you Mucha Mucha Luz!

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